Mastering the art of perfect pizza dough

Updated: May 11, 2020

Getting a perfect pizza dough is an art. You need to understand the texture and have a crazy passion for perfection. Awakening the yeast and allowing it to work magic on the dough, that is one of the key elements. Kneading the dough with love and dedication will result in a springy dough, ready to be completed with the finest secret ingredients. That is the base of the perfect pizza. Every pizza you order at comes with this spectacular home-made crust. And the price is still amazing: just AWG 12,50 per pizza! To celebrate the love for 100% home-made pizza, we temporarily offer a can of 7-Up with each pizza! You can choose from a tasty selection: BBQ Chicken Pizza, Pizza Margherita, Pepperoni Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza or Shrimp Pizza (AWG 16,50). The size is medium with 8 slices. Bon Appetit!

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