Cuminda Na Cas is introducing a new delivery service: Butcher Box Aruba! The Butcher Box is your selection of high-quality beef, chicken and pork. You put it together and we deliver it to your doorstep. Use your notorious recipes and tricks to cook something special. Rest assured you are using the best meat on the planet. It is a very easy process: Step 1: make your meat selection on the website. Step 2: Submit your order. Step 3: Relax and sit back… we will deliver between 4pm and 5pm. Ordering is open every day from 8am till 12:30pm. Delivery will take place the same day between 4pm and

5pm. A 10-florin delivery charge may apply for location ‘riba e brug’. Visit the website: www.butcherboxaruba.com

Existing discount programs do not apply to this service.

Cuminda Na Cas is a service of Aruba Wine and Dine Hospitality Group.

We accept the following payment methods:

Cash, ATM card and all major credit cards.

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